Meet Mayker

12th Table rebrands to Mayker Creative.jpg

Welcome to the new frontier. It’s a big day for us. After five years, we’re bidding adieu to the 12th Table name and welcoming in a brand new season with Mayker.


The first five years of our company have gone by in the blink of an eye. We’ve grown from a tiny idea of a rental business (where we were literally warehousing in my garage — thanks, husband!) to a bustling company with locations in multiple cities.

But like people, businesses grow up. They learn who they are, what they love, and where they want to spend their time.

Over the past five years, we’ve done a lot of that growing. We tried new markets and expanded our services. We put our ear to the ground and listened to what people were asking for. And with that knowledge, we stretched and refined into what Mayker is today. Not just a rental company, not just a staging company, but a design resource company.

We provide beautiful tools to make beautiful spaces — whether that be for your event, your home, or your company.

Knowing this, we wanted to create a brand name and experience that was simple and clear, bringing all our efforts under one roof.


With Mayker Interiors and Mayker Events, we'll serve our favorite creative industries, supporting our clients and partners in the ways they need most.

We're also rolling out our first brick and mortar retail store in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood, Shop Mayker, that will feature well-designed, well-priced goods and furniture. Over the past five years, the question we’ve gotten the most is: “Where can I get that?” And now we can confidently and excitedly say, “Here — you can get that with us!”


I started this company because—as a consumer—I saw an opportunity to approach this industry differently. I wanted better, more personal service. I wanted a higher caliber experience. And still that’s the bedrock. At Mayker, we’re not here to climb the ladder; we’re here to do something fresh and worthwhile. Our goal, always, is to best what we did yesterday.

As we venture off into this new landscape, I truly want Mayker to be your best partner. Know my door remains open, my coffee pot remains full, and the invitation always remains extended. You are why we’re here.

Thankful to have you with us for the ride — it's going to be a big one.


Megan Proby, Founder & Creative Director