Informal Host: Tapas


Originating in Spain and traditionally served with wine, tapas have become a staple for intimate get togethers around the world. These tasty dishes come in many forms, from charcuterie spreads, to bread paired with a light rosemary oil, to small bowls of greenery with brightly colored chopped up vegetables.


Hosting a tapas party can be a lovely way to bring together close friends and family for a night of wine, tasty bite-sized foods, and great conversation. It’s also an affordable and informal way to host an event, with minimal preparation time and costs involved. For serving dishes, you can use what you already own by mixing textures and laying out various tapas for guests to pick up and eat on their own. Guests will have a great time sampling multiple items, and can go back for seconds, or even thirds, of dishes they enjoy most.


For our bite sized tapas, we created a refreshingly simple treat using:
+ Grilled shrimp
+ Fresh avocado
+ Light salt and pepper
+ Garnished with basil leaves